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Hi! Few weeks ago I felt inspired by mermaid and I create makeup look. Here are the pictures. I used Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs. Unicorns  eyeshadow palette on eyes and for lips I used two lipsticks: Scandalous - Immoral and Scandalous - Depraved also from Makeup Revolution.
I order it on Ličila.si website.

I hope you like the makeup look. :)

Have a nice day! xo

Zdravo! Pred nekaj tedni me je navdihnil videz morske deklice, in tako sem ustvarila makeup izgled. Uporabila sem Makeup Revolution Mermaids Vs. Unicorns  paleto senčil in dve rdečili za ustnice: Scandalous – Immoral in Scandalous – Depraved, prav tako znamke Makeup Revolution.

Upam, da vam je makeup izgled všeč. :)
Lep dan želim!

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P.S.: Za slovenske bralke pa mini presenečenje, ki se tokrat namenoma skriva v blogu. :) Ena izmed vas ima možnost dobiti majhno darilce na sliki spodaj, v zahvalo, ker me spremljaš. ;)
Enostavno sodelovanje: Sledi mi na Facebook strani, Instagramu in Twitterju ( če katerega izmed računov nimaš, ni problema). Pod komentarjem mi sporoči, kje vse mi slediš + odgovor na vprašanje: kakšen makeup look si želiš videti v prihodnje? :)
Srečna nagrajenka bo znana do konca tega tedna. ;)



I promised you a blog with pictures from One Direction concert, so here it is! ;)

In June (10.06.2015), me and my sister went on 1D concert in Vienna, Austria (Ernst Happel stadion). Sister get the ticket for her birthday last year and 3 days after concert I had birthday, so it was also my birthday present (from myself ;) ).

We started from Celje at 8 a.m. with bus and came to Vienna around 2 p.m. Concert start few hours later so we have time for shopping and lunch. With my sister we`re going in makeup store and other stores. I am so jealous, because in Vienna (Muller) have so much more makeup products than in Slovenia, especially Maybelline. I want more of their products in Slovenia, because it is good brand.

I met some lovely directioners from Slovenia on the bus. And on the concert was great energy – you feel all the love directioners give. Before 1D played McBusted. I hear about them before but first time hear them – OMG! They were great, energy was on high level.
And when 1D came on stage it was crazy! They did amazing show. Effects were awesome. All directioners sing with them … it was all about love that night. :) But I missed someone – Zayn. I think we all did. I am happy for him to start something solo, but at the same time I wished that he will finished the tour this year, because I bought tickets in november 2014. I love his voice and his high notes were unique.

I don`t know how many people were on the concert, just SO MANY. We were from all around the Europe, that`s all I know. ;) I also see one old couple (more than 70 years old) with 1D T-shirts. They were so lovely to see. :)

I take lots of pictures and film some parts of the concert. Here you can see some pictures and video. I post more pictures on my Facebook page HERE, and you can subscribe on my YouTube channel HERE. I`ll post more videos in future. ;)
Were some of you on that concert too?

Lots of love! Xo


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 Perfect timing! :)

torek, 4. avgust 2015


Hi! :)
In June  me and my sister went to the  One Direction concert in Vienna. It was amazing! I will post another blog about concert and pictures (which are also published on my Facebook page HERE), but in this blog I want to show you which essentials I bring with me.

Water. MUST. It was hot and water is the best drink. Refreshing wipes, tissues and pad – these are things for which you never know when you`ll need it.

I took with me makeup bag with: Evian face spray for refreshing, Essence perfume (which I love!), Afrodita hand cream, hair tie and Borotalco deodorant, which I had to throw away before the concert – I didn`t know I can`t take this with me.

I also take some makeup products: Bourjois Volume 1 second mascara, Etude eyebrow pencil, Manhattan setting powder, Loreal Gel intenza eyeliner (which is amazing!), Bourjois Healthy mix concealer (my favourite concealer), Catrice Highlighter pen (it is amazing too!), two Catrice lipsticks (cream pink and matte red – I wrote about them in blog  HERE).

I hope this blog is helpful for some of you, if you go to a concert  soon. It was my first big concert. One day I would like to go on Beyonce concert too – she is my favourite singer. :)

Selfie! :)

I just want to say that boys from One Direction were awesome, also boys from McBusted. It was amazing show.  <3
More about the concert in the next blog. ;)

Have a nice day! xo

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